Engage your audience on any platform - mobile, tablet or desktop - using Responsive design

Aeronet Communications can help you dramatically improve your online presence by adapting your website to use Responsive web design techniques. Responsive web design is a system that enables your website to automatically adjust itself and display your content optimally on all platforms – smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This system dynamically alters the organization and size of your text, menus and graphics according to the width of the screen being used to view your website.

The simplest way to understand this concept is to go to a responsive website in your browser and then “squeeze” your browser window – first down to a tablet width, and then all the way down to the width of a cell phone. A website that has been designed correctly using Responsive techniques, will quickly morph to display content in an optimal fashion for each screen width.

Next, open that same website on a tablet or smartphone to see how it automatically adapts to these devices. You will notice that the website menu will change, and that graphics and text will resize and reposition themselves.

A Responsive website will maximize the visibility of your web content while increasing the efficiency of maintaining your site.

Since your website content will be easy to view on all devices, your web content will be much more widely available. This should lead to a sharp increase in usage of your website. At the same time, a responsive website will allow all of your content to be published in only one place. There will no longer be any need for a separate mobile site, and in some cases, no more need for special mobile apps, which can be very costly to develop, maintain and support. Your costs go down, while your ability to communicate and publish goes up.

A Responsive website will improve your search engine optimization (SEO), making your website easier to find in Google and other search engines.

Responsive website design is highly recommended by Google according to the Google Developers’ website. Google publishes the following information to encourage developers to build sites using responsive techniques:

Using a single URL for a piece of content makes it easier for your users to interact with, share, and link to your content, and a single URL for the content helps Google's algorithms assign the indexing properties for the content.

No redirection is needed for users to get to the device-optimized view, which reduces loading time. Also, user agent-based redirection is error-prone and can degrade your site's user experience (see "Pitfalls when detecting user agents" section for details).

It saves resources for both your site and Google's crawlers. For responsive web design pages, any Googlebot user agents needs to crawl your pages once, as opposed to crawling multiple times with different user agents, to retrieve your content. This improvement in crawling efficiency can indirectly help Google index more of the site's contents and keep it appropriately fresh.

A Responsive website will engage members and potential members wherever they are and on whatever device they prefer to use.

It’s intuitive that if your content is optimized for all devices, your members and potential members will engage more with you online. Here are some examples to illustrate:

Younger users are increasingly mobile-oriented.  Make sure your site captivates them.

Younger users considering joining or participating in your organization are very likely to look for information about you using their mobile devices. Whether that’s a smartphone or a tablet, your responsive website will deliver your content to them in an optimized format.

E-newsletter click-throughs are very likely to increase significantly

With the growing use of tablets and smartphones to read email and other publications, it only makes sense to ensure your e-newsletter subscribers have a top grade experience. With a responsive website, any links from your e-newsletter into your site will retrieve pages that are optimized for any device. Organizations generally see a significant increase in e-newsletter click-throughs after a website is upgraded to be responsive.

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